See our house sitting rates

See our competitive house sitting rates

about our sitting rates

We offer an easy to follow pricing system, with a flat rate
for house sitting daily. There are no sign-up costs, and no additional charges.
Note that we do charge a fully refundable $100 deposit once we organise an

What is the going rate for house sitting?

Type Rate Last Updated
Home Owner Rates $15 per day 23.01.2017
House Sitter Rates $10 per day 23.01.2017
Sign up Charge Free 23.01.2017
Home Owner Deposit $100 fully refundable deposit 23.01.2017

how much do you pay as a home owner?

As of 2017, our rates are as follows:

Daily house sitter rate: $15 per day (limited time only)
Minimum stay charge: 5 days

These competitive rates reflect the responsibilities of our
house sitters, as well as the additional 24/7 support, insurance, cost of
police vetting and other services that we offer.

If you’d like to get a quote, sign-up today and we’ll be in touch.

How much does it cost to sign-up as a house sitter?

It’s free to sign-up as a house sitter.

With our don’t pay until you stay model, you won’t have to risk a cent while we find you a house
sit. Once we’ve got something set-up, the charge is $10 per day, with anything less than 3 days being for free.